The rock opera Excalibur combines folk-, rock- and symphonic instruments. The show is a unique alchemy, narrated by Merlin (actor Ralf Bauer).

Irish and classical dancing as well as icons of folk- and rock music will bring the audience into the heart of symphonic movements, powerful rock songs and Celtic ballads. The originator of this rock opera, the Breton Alan Simon, invited the visitors into this interactive show. This multi-artist musical roundtable takes the audience on a new, modern adventure through the world of wizard Merlin, the temporal warden.

This new Excalibur is not only a show, but a communal experience.



"Excalibur: The Dark Age Of The Dragon"


The ancient spell of Fay Morgana is gone. Merlin, former prisoner of the witch, wakes up a thousand years later into the modern world of our time. Surprised and enamored of the vast progress, Merlin wants to learn about today’s humanity. Amongst the people he meets is Hermann, who befriends Merlin immediately. Merlin quizzes his new friend about everything. The wizard wants to know absolutely everything, since the world now seems to be extraordinary.


Surprised by Merlin’s naivety, Hermann tries to make him look behind the scenes. Merlin discovers the universal decay of honour and brotherhood. A world full of self-interest and human precipice that exceeds his worst nightmares. Enraged about all this, Merlin casts the biggest spell of all time over the world, awakens the dragon and wants to get people to dream again.


But Fay Morgana already waits for this. She lingers in the shadows and knows the secrets of the dragon. The last shooting star of our dreams is about to die down and soon no one can stop the evil witch in her apocalyptic plans. The time of humankind is upon us. The ultimate encounter of Morgana and Merlin is close at hand.


The great Merlin knows: only the bold dreams of King Arthur and his knights can fight the demons that possess Morgana! Will King Arthur and his knight be able to raise the sword once more?


Excalibur The Celtic Rock Opera 2016 © Copyright Babaika Productions