Manfred Hertlein Veranstaltungs GmbH


“It can’t be done” does not exist in Manfred Hertlein’s vocabulary. He is the founder of Manfred Hertlein Veranstaltungs GmbH, Germany, for over 35 years now.

In those years he organized and promoted more than 20.000 Shows, live Events and Concerts. His motivation: A true and die-hard passion for music!


His intuition and his “going against the tide” attitude helped him to get on top of the business. He puts all his efforts and professionalism into the projects and artists that he believes in, and it is this courage that doesn’t make him stop when he faces bigger challenges.

That’s also how he convinced the world-renowned horse-whisperer Monty Roberts of a first live tour, which broke national and international records!


Meanwhile the Manfred Hertlein Veranstaltungs GmbH extended their portfolio massively:


From Rock – with tours like “Rock meets Classic”, “Andreas Gabalier” (Germans folks-rock’n’roller) – to German Schlager – with Hansi Hinterseer – and ranging to MotoCross (“Night of the Jumps”), Circus (“Circus meets Music”), Revue, Singer/Songwriters and Musicals – Manfred Hertlein Veranstaltungs GmbH successfully promotes live entertainment all across the board.


Manfred Hertlein received multiple gold- and platinum awards due to his commitment and the successful implementations of tour concepts. However, those honors can make this bustling and energetic businessman quite uneasy – he prefers to stay “backstage”, in the background and simply calls himself an honest worker.


Manfred Hertlein, who is never-stopping and running from tour to tour on high speed, will continue to reach for the stars and pursue his visions with his charming persistence.


Making the impossible possible and believe in the “New”!


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