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Ralf Bauer is a very different type of Merlin

Sometimes, Merlin is full of jest and mockery – yet other times, we can glimpse the burden of destiny weighing heavily upon his shoulders. After all, it is he who must guide the Knights of the Round Table on their quest to restore the six chivalric virtues to the land. A task as daring as this would be doomed to failure without a strong will, unfaltering courage and a heart that can still dream of virtue in a world seemingly bereft of it. Thus, it is for Ralf Bauer, one of the most versatile of German stage and movie actors, to ensure that all is not lost in the end.

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A life dedicated to his art

After leaving school, Ralf Bauer knew exactly where his course would take him – First to the renowned Stage School of Dance and Drama in Hamburg, Germany, then onwards to the United States to study with legendary acting innovator and teacher Eric Morris in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

Discover Ralf Bauer as Merlin

Bauer went on to prove that all the world’s a stage, portraying characters as diverse as Dr. Baumgartner in the American hit television series “Painkiller Jane” and Marcus Antonius in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” in German theatres. It is this great versatility which makes Ralf Bauer’s acting so thrilling to behold.

An unusual Merlin – an unforgettable experience

From a young age, Bauer has proven his determination to dedicate his life to the art of acting, embodying countless characters over his quarter-century experience on stages and cinema screens. It is this extraordinary energy which drives him and permeates every second of his performance as the mysterious sorcerer Merlin in Excalibur. This rock opera wizard is no passive spectator, but a complex and vivid character, taking the stage by storm. Bauer is sure to encompass all the myriad facets of the most powerful sorcerer in Celtic mythology.

But make no mistake: Bauer also knows how to lend the character the dignity that a legend deserves. This is a balancing act between action and gravitas, a feat which might be nigh on impossible for anyone but the German acting Wunderkind. Bauer proves that the rock opera Excalibur is his own story every bit as much as that of the wizard and the Knights of the Round Table.

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