Excalibur – the legendary rock opera is back

After a thousand years of imprisonment, Merlin – the wizard – finally escapes from Morgana’s spell. Initially intrigued by the beauty of the new world that he returned to, he soon discovers the decay of knightly and sublime virtues, which once had been so bravely defended by King Arthur’s roundtable. An enraged Merlin casts his biggest spell over this world and brings the mighty dragon to life. A epic return of the legendary Celtic rock opera on to German stages, a new chapter in the saga around the sword Excalibur – this is “EXCALIBUR - The Dark Age Of The Dragon”.

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The fusion of past and present

In the past 15 years, the Celtic rock opera Excalibur has enchanted a wide range of fans, reaching from Folk music to Rock and Medieval music. Now Alan Simon, the famous Folk-Rock-bard and composer from French Britany, presents a new show around the wizard Merlin, King Arthur, the knights and their roundtable and of course the iconic sword. With world renowned rock musicians, an epic symphonic orchestra and a meticulously choreographed dancers, aerial acrobatics and sword-fighting performance, the new Excalibur makes sure to take you back into the marvelous world of Celtic mythology.

Encouraged by Merlin, who will be portrayed by the German actor Ralf Bauer and will lead his audience through the show, using his charmingly funny and unique grandeur which only the greatest magician of all times can perform, the spectators will become a fixed part of the myth. The partially interactive show around the legendary sword will bring tears to your eyes and put a smile in your face when – maybe for the last time - the virtues of knighthood have to be defended by the heroes of the show.

Discover the legend around the sword of swords

A musical legend

Composed by Alan Simon and orchestrated by Lee Holdridge, the music of the opera Excalibur combines energetic rock songs with heartbreaking ballads and authentic Celtic sounds. Twelve outstanding artists will try to follow the legend of the sword Excalibur, to prove to their wizard Merlin, aka Ralf Bauer, that mankind is indeed able to dream:

  • Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth)
  • Martin Barre (Jethro Tull)
  • Moya Brennan (Clannad)
  • Eric Fish (Subway To Sally)
  • John Helliwell (Supertramp)
  • Maite Itoiz (Elfenthal)
  • John Kelly (Elfenthal / The Kelly Family)
  • Siobhan Owen (Tristan & Isolde)
  • Maggie Reilly (Mike Oldfield)
  • Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp)
  • Alan Simon (Excalibur / Gaia)
  • Michael Sadler (SAGA)

The icons of folk- and rock music will be supported not only through interaction with the audience but also by the awarded Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Prague. Together these prodigies will create sounds that – just like the story of Arthur and his knights – will remain eternally in the hearts of everybody.

The unique rock opera in Germany

Will Arthur and his knights of the roundtable, with the help of the assembled folk- and rock-stars, be able to fight the enemies of gallantry once more? This winter you can experience the showdown in the everlasting battle of Good versus Bad, live on Germany’s biggest stages.

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Voices from the Audience

„We have been at the show in Kaltenberg 2012 and we are really looking forward to the sequel.“ – Ariana M.

Voices from the Artists

 On stage Excalibur makes us become one! 

Alan Simon


 What a project. What a show. I am very happy, to be part of this! 

Eric Fish

(Subway To Sally)



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